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When we say"You got this" we really mean it and it probably costs you less!

Thanks for visiting us! We're just a phone call away. For the quickest answers you can call or text us at 818-438-5488. We want to be there when you have questions. Maybe you prefer to use the "Contact Us" link to the left. Either way your comfort with the loan process is important to us. Let's get you pre-approved!!

We really have some pretty cool options that can help the seasoned homeowner to the first time homebuyer. Normally, we can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over what banks, credit unions, or big online lenders will charge you. Check out the Products tab above and read about the "No Out of Pocket Cost" loans we offer. Banks and large institutional lenders prefer not to offer these products, but they can be the best option for many families whether you have limited funds or not.

Lighthouse Home Loans is committed to finding the lowest interest rates at the best price with superior service. We make the process of obtaining a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering you the latest in financial tools that enable you to make sound financial choices.

Shopping idly for a home may be pleasant, but serious homebuyers need to start the process with an experienced lender, not at an open house. As a potential buyer, you benefit in several ways by consulting with us and obtaining a pre-approval letter. Let's get you started! Call or text: 818-438-5488.